My name is John Steeples and my mission is to help YOU CureYourself. !

To Cure Yourself – What does this really mean?

Can you cure yourself without medical knowledge? Yes you can but please don’t cut yourself off from your medical practitioner as there could be times when you need them – we are not totally dogmatic here. Just make sure you understand the implications of anything you do.

The basic premise is that the body heals itself – how do you think cuts heal, bones fuse together or Colds  simply “Vanish”. How about the 6 Billion Cells in your body that die every second and are replaced – as if by magic? There is a intelligent power that controls all these seeming “Miracles” and all it needs is a little help from you.

Yes your body has an innate intelligence but it needs the right building Materials to work with:-

The Good Stuff

1. Vitamins
2. Minerals
3. Fats (natural not man made) ,
4. Phytonutrients – from Plants
5. Enzymes from living Food (Plants again)
6. Clean Water
7. Sunlight – This is very important
8. Clean Air and Exercise – A brisk walk in a park will cover 7 & 8.

Against this , modern living – your environment attacks the body which explains why Vegetarians get sick as well – you have to know your enemy.

The Bad Stuff

1. Aspartame,NutraSweet, Sweeteners – Damages the Brain see articles on this website
2. MSG – and the 25 other terms used to hide its use
3. Microwaves – both domestic and from Communication towers
4. Electromagnetism – Pylons, Fluorescent Lights
5. Laser Printers
6. Mobile Phones
7. Additives in food
8. Hydrogenated fats
9. Lack of sleep
10. Negative thoughts
11. Mercury Tooth Amalgam
12. Fluoride and Chlorine in water
13. Cleaning Materials
14. Smoking
15. Aluminium (Aluminum) – Pans with Teflon Coating have Fluoride which crosses the Blood/Brain Barrier

That list is longer than the “Good Stuff” and in these days we cannot always avoid the “Bad Stuff” but given the “Good Stuff” the body can mitigate and overcome  many of the chronic diseases that modern medicine says is incurable.

Remember the old adage – If all You Have is a Hammer everything looks like a nail.

Doctors only have the “Hammer” they were taught to use in Medical School – funded by the Pharmaceutical companies – they do not acknowledge that nature is the healer and we must help nature when needed – we don’t have just a Hammer and to a Holistic Therapist everyone is different – we are not all just Nails.

Healing your self is simple – put into your body good stuff and avoid the bad stuff. But it’s not easy. Sometimes you cannot avoid the bad stuff, and at others you cannot get the good stuff – do your best. Don’t give up just because you can’t do one two things right now.

Above all you must believe you can Cure Yourself – because if you don’t nobody can help you – you have lost the battle before you have started.

If you think you can or you think you can’t – your right
~ Henry FordAs I see it, every day you do one of two things:build health or produce disease in yourself.
~ Adelle Davis