Breast Cancer Prevention Month?

NaturalNews) Now that we’re in the midst of “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” — with all its pink washing nonsense at full tilt — it brings up the question of why the month is named an “awareness” month. Why not name it “Breast Cancer Prevention Month?” The answer to that question, it turns out, reveals a number of interesting things about the cancer industry that the general public isn’t supposed to know.
For starters, you’re only supposed to be “aware” of breast cancer, but you’re not supposed to actually prevent it. The whole point of this awareness month is not actually to increase awareness of breast cancer — virtually everyone is already aware of the existence of the disease — but rather to increase fear so that more women will go get screened for cancer. They should really call it the “Be Afraid of Breast Cancer Month.”

The big push for more cancer screening, it turns out, only results in more recruitment of women into high-profit cancer therapies such as chemotherapy and surgery. This is where the real profits are to be found, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month is really all about corralling women into these high-profit treatments. The science, by the way, says that radiation, chemotherapy and surgery harm far more women than they help, and that cancer over-diagnosis and over-treatment is such a huge problem today that all these breast cancer awareness campaigns are actually hurting women’s health across the board.

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Why not prevent cancer?

So why doesn’t the cancer industry rally women to prevent breast cancer every October? The answer is obvious: Preventing breast cancer would reduce the number of cancer patients being processed through their high-profit cancer centers. If women were to effectively prevent cancer by avoiding toxic chemicals, eating anti-cancer foods and boosting their intake of anti-cancer nutrients like vitamin D, cancer rates across America would plummet — perhaps by as much as 80%.

And that, in turn, would hit the profits of the cancer industry hard, reducing both incomes as well as influence. Perhaps more frighteningly, preventing cancer would hammer the sales of products from companies that engage in pink washing campaigns. Pink washing — which means introducing a “pink” version of your products in order to trick gullible consumers into buying your toxic stuff — is now so common and profitable that all sorts of companies are using it to try to sell more stuff. You can now buy pinked-out handguns and alcohol, too, and they promise to donate a portion of proceed to fund breast cancer research.

But that’s the real kicker in all this: We don’t need any new research to prevent breast cancer. We already know how to prevent it right now! It’s easy with vitamin D, exercise, fitness, super foods and anti-cancer nutritional supplements such as medicinal mushrooms. Yet virtually the entire cancer industry actively ignores all these things. In fact, some organizations such as the American Cancer Society actually go out of their way to scare people aware from cancer cures, thereby resulting in more cancer. Just look at the ACS advertisements that try to make people afraid of sunlight! (They really just want to keep us all in the dark, both literally and figuratively.)

Why the cancer industry is terrified of knowledge

If the population really knew how to prevent cancer, the cancer industry would collapse within a generation. The cancer crooks know this, so they avoid mentioning vitamin D and anti-cancer nutrients. Just go to a “Walk for the Cure” cancer rally sometime and ask the officials there why they don’t promote preventing breast cancer. Their answers will amaze you. They simply have no interest in preventing breast cancer. Their entire focus is treating breast cancer, which is a clever ploy for recruiting women into extremely toxic conventional cancer therapies such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. They absolutely do not want women to know how to prevent breast cancer because that would destroy their entire pink washing scam and put them all out of business.

Let’s face it: Cancer is growing into a trillion-dollar industry worldwide. There’s a ton of money to be made from keeping women nutritionally ignorant, scaring them into cancer screening, irradiating their breasts with mammograms, and then charging them huge dollars to “treat” their cancers. It’s a highly profitable scam that exploits the bodies of women for corporate profits, and virtually all the cancer non-profits are on board with this criminal scam. Breast Cancer Action, out of San Francisco, is one of the rare exceptions to this. They actually fight against pink washing and encourage women to “Think before you pink!” See to learn more.

How the cancer industry exploits women three times

If you think about it, the cancer industry actually exploits women three times in a row:

First, they exploit women by giving them cancer through the false promise of annual mammograms. These have already been shown to be a source of cancer-causing radiation that is more effective at harming women than helping them.

Secondly, once they’ve given women cancer through mammograms, they charge them money to poison them with chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. This leaves women scarred and suffering from permanent brain damage ( and kidney damage.

Thirdly, after they’ve given women cancer and then poisoned them, if those women are still alive they label them “cancer survivors” and ask them to donate more money to “find a cure.” This is all completely hogwash quackery. The women who survive chemotherapy are actually chemo survivors, and the best way to help other women is not to repeat the same inhumane cycle of disease screening and medical poisoning but rather to teach women how to PREVENT breast cancer. That is the compassionate, ethical and practical way to help more women avoid the pain and suffering that goes with this entirely preventable disease.

The cancer industry is dominated by male cancer doctors, by the way, and it is no exaggeration to say that they exploit women’s bodies for profit while causing indescribable pain, suffering and death among innocent female victims through their toxic and barbaric cancer “treatments.” The entire operation is wildly criminal and inhumane.

Breast cancer is anywhere from 70% – 90% preventable through simple changes in diet, exercise, consumer product use and nutritional supplementation. I believe that the information found here on could result in a 90% reduction in breast cancer if these truths were known to and embraced by the general public. But the NIH and ACS won’t tell women the truth about cancer. Neither will the cancer non-profits, nor conventional doctors and health authorities. Even the U.S. government is censoring truthful information about natural cancer cures that really work by threatening natural product and nutritional supplement companies with armed raids if they dare tell women the truth about the anti-cancer properties of their products.

What we really have in America today is a conspiracy against women, erected and operated via collusion between Big Government and Big Parma, both of which benefit when women are sick, frail, afraid and desperate. A woman who can be scared into chemotherapy is easy to exploit for profit by a predatory cancer industry that puts profits first and human compassion last.

I feel extremely sad for those women who are being victimized by the cancer industry. There’s no telling how many are maimed or killed each year by toxic cancer treatments which are entirely unnecessary. I have no doubt that in the future, this era of barbaric cancer treatments will be looked upon with total outrage by women, in much the same way that African Americans today look upon the era of plantation slavery throughout North and South America.

What the cancer industry is doing to women today is much the same as what many slave owners did to their slaves a few centuries ago: Exploiting their bodies for profit while causing immeasurable pain and suffering. It’s no coincidence, by the way, that the greatest breast cancer profits generated today by the cancer industry come from black women. The cancer industry won’t dare tell them that they’re all vitamin D deficient and that’s why their cancer is far worse than white women’s cancer! See my video for the shocking details:…

Slavery still exists, you see. It has just been reframed as “medicine.” Having your breasts irradiated is much like a slave being hobbled with a wood axe to make sure they can’t escape. Mammograms make sure you can’t escape the cancer industry, and medical propaganda is used to make sure that your mind is enslaved as well as your body.

Real freedom from breast cancer can only be attained if you de-program yourself from the cancer industry propaganda and heal yourself by choosing to live an anti-cancer lifestyle. That’s what we teach here at NaturalNews: Freedom, health and personal responsibility. We fight against the medical enslavement of women, and we take a firm stand against the exploitation of women by the corrupt, criminally-operated cancer industry.