As discussed, as you know we are not allowed to make claims, but this is what I would be doing if I had cancer and utilising the products we have.

Pathway Parent Essential Oils   The amazing effects of using the right blend of PEO’s is related in the book ‘The Hidden Story of Cancer’ this is all proven stuff and the main point is that the right blend of PLANT oils assists the oxygenation of cells throughout the body. As cancer cannot thrive in oxygen this is paramount to me in the programme. The oils also assist Cardio and Blood sugar levels etc.

VIT D 3  In studies cancer patients have been found to be lacking in D3 which we lack for 7 months of the year in the UK. We have the VITD3 with VIT K2 in a spray which is easy to use and the VITK2 ensures calcium is deposited to the bones where you want it.

Sprouted Brocolli Seed Powder    Sulphoraphanes are known to be anti cancer, Sprouted brocolli is many times more potent than even eating raw brocolli so this is a brilliant product.

Liposomal Vit C  VIT C is known for its positive effect on cancer if taken in large doses, problem is orally not been possible until Liposomals were available which take the Vit C straight into bloodstream. The absorption is over 90% and so this product can assist in getting large amounts in to the blood like 10 grams daily.

Ionic Minerals  As minerals are so important to overall health and we are not receiving them much any more from food unless organic, I would be taking this product which is the only certified Organic mineral that is Humic and Fulvic.

Omega Gold Marine Phytoplankton   This has always been a number one in my book as it is the first food in the food chain and is single cell. It contains every nutrient needed by the body and amazing results have been had with people using Phytoplankton, ours comes from the best source available.

Sprouted Chia seed   I would have this as the most perfect food available, many times more potent than ordinary Chia seed for its overall health benefits and omegas.

Lastly I would drink alkaline water and have plenty of the foods that contain salvesterols ( Many fruits and vegetables organic preferably) Salvesterols target the cancer cells without harming any normal cells so this is the ideal, unlike chemo which affects all cells.