Cancer why are we still dying to know

Royal Raymond Rife, Hoxey, Rene M. Caisse (Essiac) , The Gerson Therapy,
Gaston Neasons, Joanna Budwig
All had treatments that worked ALWAYS better than chemotherapy
why don’t the press mention them?

There are many cures for cancer
but our doctors and and the mainstream media won’t tell you about them. The cure is exactly the same as its prevention, which is a lifestyle that enhances the immune system so why are we still dying to know?  It’s because profit is the main driving force medicine whereas nature cannot be patented so there’s no profit in conducting studies on natural remedies for cancer. The potential as a money-maker using a drug to cure cancer is enormous and that’s why they are still looking.

Cancer is a deficiency disease brought on by a weakened immune system
Cells are dying and being generated every second – the immune system takes care of the “cleaning house” when it’s working. But when the body has been weakened by the way we live with our food choices, our remote control lifestyle and other environmental factors there isn’t a pill or potion to cure that problem. There are only natural ways to achieve that by correcting the factors that first caused it. That’s why they haven’t found a “cure for cancer” they they have ignored the obvious – because the obvious doesn’t make money.

History repeats itself
Deficiency diseases such as scurvy, pellagra, pernicious anemia and rickets where controlled by basic foods with the  deficient nutrients but but it took years for the medical profession ito nstigate the solutions (Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B12 – all available from Food) . The same is happening today – From Heart Attacks to Cancer Nature gives us all we need but we are looking for the magic bullet. Unfortunately today we have a money orientated health care (disease management) system and any free low cost and non patentable system of health care which threatens this industry is ridiculed and/or suppressed.

Names like Royal Raymond Rife, Hoxey, Rene M. Caisse (Essiac) , Gerson – the list is endless.  The monopolistic system where main news goes through 2 main companies – Reuters and Associated press, which inturn are owned by the same people who own the Pharmaceutical companies , who fund the hospitals and Universities that teach the Doctors what to dispense from their patentable Pills means that anything that hits at their bottom line is eliminated.
Cancer is only a disease of a weak immune system caused by nutritional deficiency. Cancers develops over a great many years – up to 15years for Breast cancer. The cheapest, most effective and safest way to remove cancer is by using food as medicine – freshly grown food that’s not been processed or interfered with by money orientated corporations. Unfortunately these days over 90 percent of the money spent  on food goes on unnatural processed foods.

The two main Causes of Cancer.
The main Cause of Cancer is  environmental pollution. If you think about it The processed food we mostly eat is in your environment, the water with Chlorine, fluoride and Toxic metals is.All the electromagnetic waves that never existed a hundred years ago. The stress of Jobs and trying to keep a roof over your head – All environmental issues – where you live.  The stress of modern life keeps putting a strain on your body- and you don’t put GOOD nutritious food and clean water for the body to keep itself working properly – something has to give, and Chronic Diseases or Cancer are the result.

It is a undeniable fact that our food is a  medicine (it effects Hormones to a greater extent than any pill) which keeps us healthy. Hippocrates stated, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, every natural treatment for cancer has incorporated in it’s protocol a fresh plant/fruit based diet. Doctor Max Gerson who was curing people of cancer back in the 50s was doing so by putting his patients on a strict diet of natural organic food and the thousands of testimonials are the only proof you need. Double blind tests where the statistics are massaged do not It takes a paradigm shift in thinking that the body can heal itself by just by a change in your food intake and a lifestyle change (more sleep and little exercise, clean water and a positive outlook). But a healthy diet only improves nutrition it does not  treat  disease. With the raw materials it needs your  body through an invigorated immune system will nullify and then remove the cancer and toxins from your body. All this without the side effects of using  radiation, chemotherapy or surgery. One more important advantage is that the cancerous cells are not spread to other locations (as in surgery), No DNA is damaged as in Radiotherapy (causing other Cancers) and Your Immune system is not compromised as in Chemo Therapy which is what usually causes relapses which are invariably come back much more aggressively  than the original Cancer.  Ask yourself a question – How does your body tackle a cut to your finger?  It’s exactly the same process with Cancer – the innate wisdom that only needs the Raw materials to work.

 As computer scientists say – “Garbage in Garbage Out”.

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