The Dangers of Vaccines

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SID, Autism, Gulf War Syndrome, Brain Damage and other diseases Implicated

Cancer is a curable disease and has been curable for well over 50 years according to all the books(by Naturpaths and  Medical Doctors – MDs)  that I have in my possession and many  hospitals around the world especially the ones in Mexico which take a holistic approach using Vitamins, Food, Detoxification, Clean water, Sunlight, and good attitude. There are hundreds of books and DVDs to aid you, on the subject, many of the better ones are on this site.

Cure Yourself. The title says it all.  Your body is very resilient and has an innate intelligence or wisdom that allows it to heal itself given the given the raw materials to do so. There is no other way – this method of healing predates the money motivated orthodox system of today by thousands of years. Drugs only mask symptoms very rarely “curing” diseases. Using Fruit, Raw Organic Vegetables pressed through a cold juicer clean water and a positive attitude will help your body cure itself. We make no claims of curing anybody only providing you with the knowledge that will aid nature to do what it is impelled to do as a matter of course.

There are an abundance of books and video materials explaining these “Alternative Healing Modalities”, and a great many enlightened doctors are rediscovering the “old ways” by changing their attitude towards Holistic Healing, especially in the USA and Australia. Some are used complementary to orthodox treatments and some as a replacement when the doctor has run out of options.We suggest you keep your medical practitioner informed and if he discounts what you say out of hand – find another doctor. It’s your life not the Doctor’s Life that is at risk  here. Doctors still get paid whatever the outcome – remember that. The medical organizations  and peer pressure make many doctors choose career over the Hippocratic Oath. “At First do no Harm”.

Let food be thy Medicine and Let Medicine Be thy Food ~ Hippocrates

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patient in the care of the human frame,
in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.
~ Thomas Alva Edison.

What you don’t know can kill you.
Cancer is a terrible disease, and for it’s victims a frightening one. But this is only if you accept that your only hope is conventional medicine when your Doctor has used the Chemotherapy, Surgery and Radiotherapy and then says “there is no more we can do” and gives gives up on you. With the knowledge that EVERY form of cancer has been beaten by people who have been abandoned by orthodox medicine, and an acceptance that you must take control of the situation you can beat Cancer.  – if others have beaten Cancer, why not you?

It’s not just about diet.
There are many things we must do and the first is to Believe that you will triumph (the mind is more powerful than any drug). You must not only change your diet but your lifestyle and your thoughts. The food we eat nowadays  is one of the chief causes of degenerate and chronic disease. Specifically  Dairy products,  meat proteins and  all processed (denatured or dead) foods are causing us to have all these major chronic illnesses. You’ve only got to look at history where most deaths were due to bad sanitation..

Modern health-care is money, not patient driven.
To start with you will find it very hard to believe that just changing your diet and small change in lifestyle could have such a major effect – but you are what you eat. The drug companies today are driven by large profits and shareholder pressure funding  medical teaching hospitals with grants given for making sure that doctors prescribe a pill for every ill. Doctors and Nurses become adept at prescribing pharmaceuticals and it’s very rarely a cure but a long term suppression of symptoms, which is never in the interests of the patient.
Doctors are needed. Trauma and Accident and emergency wards not Herbs are needed when you are in an accident and bleeding to death. Putting poison into your body, cutting bits out of you and then irradiating the patient is not the best way of healing. The people that survive, do so in-spite of the “cure.”

What are we talking about here?

 The Good

  • The correct Mindset – negative thoughts affect your immune system
  • Moderate Exercise and correct Breathing – more oxygen means healthier cells
  • Sunlight – Vitamin D fights Viruses and strengthens the immune system.
  • Clean Water from a distiller or reverse osmosis filter – you are 70-80% water
  • Juice from a Cold Press Juicer – so that the Enzyme are not killed
  • Organic Fruit, Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds with live Enzymes – the “machines” that build cells and muscle
  • Organic Tea for the antioxidants
  • Good Fats – Sesame, Olive Oil, Flax/Hemp Seed, Sunflower or Pumpkin Seed Oil in the right ratios – Fish Oil if Mercury free
  • Food as close to its natural state as possible

The Bad – you shouldn’t eat :-

  • Dairy products
  • Meat
  • Ice cream
  • Bread and Pasta
  • Denatured food of any type

It’s simple but not easy.
You will find it very difficult in the beginning but as time goes by  you will find it very easy to follow when you will find there are a great many foods that you can eat without damaging your body.There are supplements and foods that can be used to accelerate healing over and above the simple things above.

And that’s where myself, John Steeples and Sheila can help and support you, with a program designed especially for you. With my wife Sheila who has been a carer for very many years, and has taken care of many seriously ill people understands your situation and cares – we both care!

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