Reccomended Essiac Tea


Essiac Tea 2 Months Supply (2 x 50g)  .

What is the contents of our tea

Out tea is made from 100% Organic, non-irradiated herbs; 53% Burdock Root, 36% Sheep Sorrel, 9% Slippery Elm, 2% Turkey Rhubarb – the original quantities used by Rene Caisse

What is Essiac Tea?

essiac (es-ee-ak) is a herbal recipe discovered more than seventy years ago by Canadian nurse Rene Caisse.

Ms. Caisse received it from a middle-aged female patient who had obtained it from an Ojibwa Indian Medicine Man. The Medicine Man offered his help to the patient because he knew the woman was suffering from breast cancer. The patient recovered from her cancer and saw no reoccurrence during the span of the next thirty years.

Rene Caisse used the same recipe on her aunt, who was terminally ill with stomach and liver cancer. Her aunt lived another 21 years, eventually dying of old age. Impressed by these sucesses, Ms. Caisse began to offer the formula to anyone who contacted her.

Eventually word of her treatment convinced Dr. Charles Brusch (formerly the physician to the late John F. Kennedy) of the enormous benefits of essiac and the two eventually became research partners. Over the years, many other people with various kinds of illnesses and ailments have told others about the remarkable benefits from the essiac recipe.

Although there is no clinical evidence to support the effectiveness of essiac on cancer or other diseases, it is believed to be beneficial to those suffering from AIDS, Allergies, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Asthma, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Circulatory problems, Diabetes, Fibroids, Hemorrhoids, Hypoglycemia, Impotence, Malignancies, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Prostate and urinary problems, Psoriasis, Sleeping Disorders, Thyroid Problems, Ulcers, Warts, and more.

There are multiple sources offering essiac, what should I be looking for?
There are many people offering essiac tea for sale all making various claims, however there are certain things we would recommend you look for:

The recipe
If essiac is to be the true original recipe, then the 4 herb recipe is the original. Some sources use the 8 herb recipe, this was a later alteration and an alteration which many argue was simply to reduce the cost (the herbs used are much cheaper in the 8 herb recipe), rather than to improve the quality.

Are the ingredients Organic?
In order to maximise the effect of Essiac. We recommend that the ingredients should be organic to avoid the risk of third party contaminants. Essiac Shop herbs are also wild crafted and non-irridated in order to keep the herbs in their freshest and rawest form. Because of the volumes of Essiac we sell, you can be assured that our herbs are always fresh and haven’t been sitting on shelves for years.

How are the ingredients mixed?
There is a lot of talk you shouldn’t buy premixed Essiac ingredients, this is because often the ingredients are mixed in large batches, then divided down into individual packets. At Essiac shop we mix the ingredients individually into every packet. This ensures you get the perfect quantity of herbs in every packet.

Is there somebody to speak to?
We are available on the telephone 6 days a week from 9am – 5.30pm GMT. We are always happy to speak about any concerns, worries or just questions you may have,whether this before or after you have purchased Essiac. We often help people through the brewing process over the telephone if they have any problems. We do not charge for this service.

We provide full brewing instructions for making Essiac tea in both a “treatment” and “preventative” dosage, as previously mentioned full email and telephone support is provided.