Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead starts out by introducing you to Joe Cross. He’s a likable guy from Australia where he’s worked hard to become a successful businessman. However, like many of us, he’s spent much of his life nurturing his wealth and doing nothing for his health. As you can probably guess from the cryptic title, Joe is Fat (about 325 lbs), sick and feeling nearly dead, but he’s determined to do something about it.The early part of Fat Sick and Nearly Dead starts out a bit slow, but as you get to know Joe and start to understand what he’s trying to do you’ll find yourself getting sucked in. He doesn’t spend too much time griping about the difficulties of his juicing fast, but instead focuses on the success he’s having. Happy to be shedding the pounds and slowly lowering his medication is all the motivation he needs to get through 60 days of nothing but fruit and vegetable juice.As he travels across the US, Joe interviews people on the street and in restaurants about their diet and health. Everyone he talks to seems to share a common mindset… “I know I’m overweight and I know it’s my own fault… I’ll probably die young, but I just want be happy while I’m here.” It’s remarkable how many times I’ve said those same words about my own problems: drugs, drinking, smoking and over eating. I can relate to these people!Joe’s story is remarkable and his successful weight loss and disease remission can’t be overlooked, but when he gets back to Australia, Joe gets a phone call that starts and even more compelling chapter for Fat Sick And Nearly Dead. In an earlier segment, we met a truck driver named Phil Staples who was even more overweight (480 lbs) than Joe and by a huge coincidence has the exact same rare disease. Joe offered to help him, and now Phil is calling to accept that help if it’s not too late. When they play the voice mail from Phil, the desperation in his voice is obvious.Not to take anything away from Joe, but Phil is morbidly obese and being an ordinary truck driver doesn’t have the financial resources to draw from. In an amazing act of generosity, Joe flies back to the US to help out his new friend. They take Phil through a number of medical tests, and Joe gets him setup with a juicing diet and exercise plan that will get him back on track.Too many times when people get a chance like this they fall short because the demons that got them into trouble are just too strong, but Phil is determined. He takes time off work and fully commits to Joe’s help and the program. It’s incredibly inspirational to watch as Phil juices and exercises his way back to being lean and mean again. In fact, he has so much success that he trades in his driving job for a more active one at the YMCA, starts a juicing support group in his home town, and even coverts his older brother who needs help worse than he did!Fat Sick And Nearly Dead is a well produced story that left us feeling both inspired and motivated to even better ourselves. So much so that I’ve decided to give it a try myself. After doing some research on it and reading more about the we went out and picked up a and some veggies to put in it. I’m not one to jump on bandwagons and shoot down trendy diets for fun, but this is no silly fad so, I’m giving it a shot. If you’re in the mood for a good documentary, check out Fat Sick And Nearly Dead.