Food does Matter

Food Does Matter

Do you know anybody who has got one of these horrible deadly diseases
Mrs Gerson of the late Doctor Gerson who died in 1959

Hundreds and thousands of people around the world are finding out how they can change their life by changing  what they eat.

That’s an unusual sentence for people to understand, but that’s what thousands of people around the world are doing just that. Changing their diet and removing a lot of foods that we normally eat which causes cancer, arthritis, heart problems and thousands of other diseases.

Food does matter

If you use fruits, nuts and cold pressed vegetables you will make a huge difference to your life.

What we do

We can come along and show you what you must eat , what you must not eat with other foods. you must not use in the kitchen some fruits you cannot eat for different types of disease and some vegetables you must not use for different types of disease. There are thousands of books on this issue including DVD’s all about food. We will point you in the right direction and that does matter.

It is a disconcerting  fact that in America if your doctors prescribes a non medically sanctioned system of helping you with your cancer,  he could be sent to prison or be given a 10 thousand dollar fine, and lose his license. American doctors are only  allowed to prescribe Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery. They could lose their livelihood  if they don’t. So why do you think they don’t tell you about methods? Their survival (Mercedes, Holiday and big house) is more important than your life – think about that!

Here is some facts about the food we eat.


Remember many years ago when milk was sold raw it was really good for you because it was not pasteurized. Enzymes and good  bacteria were plentiful and this combined with plenty of calcium was really good for you.  My mother worked on a horse trailer 50 years ago delivering milk out of the churn with the metal ladle into jugs it never hurt anybody. Many years later  we have pasteurized milk , we kill the living enzymes and this also removes the good and bad bacteria and then makes the milk slightly toxic, the calcium that is in Milk is unusable to the body – it is not  not easily  absorbed into the body.


Most of the beef nowadays is injected to make the cattle larger, to be sold at the market. We also know beef today carries a lot more fat than it did many years ago which adds to our cholesterol levels – Cholesterol is another story.  It has been proven by Mr T Campbell M.D. with the China study you can switch off and on Cancer by changing meat protein.  Another illustration of diet does matter –  dairy products or meat products will cause the body problems by feeding the Cancer We also know by feeding fruits and juiced vegetables organic uncorked and Nuts will do some wonderful things to your body.


Chicken is probably one of the worst meats of all, force fed chickens are full of illness – and antibiotics used to suppress these illnesses.  Why we allow this to go on I do not know.

The War against Cancer

In 1972 Nixon said to the American people we are going to beat cancer in 1972. We were told 224,000 people died of cancer, in the next 25 years the USA spent 37 billion on cancer research in 1997 the number of  people who died of cancer was 554,000.  Why do we listen to people making fortunes out of people’s misery. We are of course talking about the drug companies. Thousands of doctors around the world are now realising that  the Poison/Slash and Burn of conventional medicine is not the way to repair our body.

You are what you eat.

You must have heard the term, we are what we eat. People should realise that the foods we eat nowadays is a major cause of today’s serious diseases. Sugars, Dairy Products , Processed Meat and the chemical additives in our food are causing tremendous problems, including the contamination of our drinking water in water.

Our bodies are very self healing (6 billion cells die every second and are replaced automatically – when the bodyis working properly). You put the right foods into your body the body can repair almost anything.


Three steps to beating cancer

  1. A good attitude
  2. Reasonable exercise regime
  3. Eating a raw plant diet including nuts and fruits.

Let’s look at these three things more closely

Attitude/emotions/thoughts create chemicals/hormones  in the body (via the endocrine system). If you’re miserable your immune system will not work as well. If you are happy your immune system works much better. It is the immune system the is what determines whether bacteria and viruses will affect you.

Now the reasonable exercise,  you could go for a fast walk, this doesn’t mean you have to join a gym you need genuine steady exercise, very important to have your body moving in as many areas as possible. Think about the vegetables the vegetables are very powerful , they have to be raw the reason this is every time you cook these vegetables you kill the enzymes, that is the problem today we are not consuming enough enzymes we need for health.  Let me explain to you why enzymes are good for you. If you’re taking in the correct foods and with the right amount of enzymes in your body they will kill the outer shell to any cancers that might be lurking round your body, when the outer shell is removed by the enzyme, the immune system will kill the cancer.

Now you will say eating raw vegetables is very difficult, it is not difficult if you have a cold press juicer, Juice your vegetables. There are thousands of papers around the world to help and show how to take charge of your health. There are some doctors around the world  changing over to nutritional food and power of raw plant foods because they are getting success,

 T Colin Campbell Ph.D.

He wrote the book on the China study David Brownstein M.D. Iodine The Most Misunderstood Nutrient, Brian Clements Ph.D. Brenda Cobb The living through Institute. Charlotte Gerson the Gerson Institute. Charlotte Gerson’s says you cannot put poison into the body to repair it.

Thomas Lodi M.D. John A McDougall, M.D. Dr Bernard Jensen Tissue and Bowel Management Jordan S. Rubin N,M.D ., Ph.D This doctor in two years repaired itself from Crone’s disease one of the best DVD’s I have ever seen in my life which explains what happened to cancer and the drug companies over many years. Healing Cancer from inside out. Another DVD which is very outstanding is called food matters, I suggest to anybody that wants to help and take care of their health must study some things.  I have said in this news bulletin a little bit about myself I have been interested in health for about 18 years I have no qualification in this industry whatsoever I’m not suggesting that I can repair cancer or any other disease what I’m suggesting is your body is capable to repair any disease if you follow the procedures.

And in that time I’ve come across lots of different ways that people round the world have been looking after their own health. When I was a young man I came off a farm where my father put only three minerals back in the ground, this has always made our land short of minerals for growing crops. The reason we have got in a state today with health we been indoctrinated by what everybody says and we like to believe that what they’re saying is truthful I hope you take some interest in this very important message.

People become very poorly and all I am trying to make people aware there is plenty of help in the world if you just look, my name is John steeples,  Nottingham  01159841899 mobile 07882589036.

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What we can do is to show you how to use the vegetables and fruits and  nuts in your kitchen. Show you what you can make to eat. It  is not straightforward there is a lot of things to consider to make your way back to good health again but I cannot emphasise enough what you put in your body will help your body to be well again.