The Gerson MIracle

The Gerson Miracle

His story and his protocol for helping your body heal itself.

This is/was probably the simplest (but not the easiest) Cancer (and other diseases) cure ever. Simple because what you have to eat is abundent natutal food, water etc.

It’s not easy because you have to abstain from meat and dairy products and have coffee enemas. The coffee enemas are needed because your liver needs help to remove the Toxins and dead cells your body produces while it is healing itself. Without the enemas you can feel that you are worse,  although this is what is called the “The Healing Crisis”.  Dr Gerson discovered his method, which other than the coffee enemas and supplements he found accelerated the healing was no different to beacoming a vegan. When all his medical knowledge and his peer group medical knowledge could not help his migraines he set out to find another way – The Gerson Miracle.

The protocol I used for myself was  based on Dr Gerson’s but  I used new information that was not available in Dr Gerson’s his time.